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This extension has been updated for Firefox 1.5 and is available on the Stocktickr Blog. Stocktickr is a new social trading site.

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I am looking at stock charts quite frequently. I used Firefox’s bookmark keyword feature to create a quick way to go to a stock chart for the ticker I wanted. For example, to go to the stock chart for Microsoft (MSFT), I type in the following in my address bar:

c msft

The “c” is my keyword shortcut for the following url:,uu[w,a]daclyyay[dc][pb9!b50!b200!d20,2][vc60][iUb14!La12,26,9]&pref=G

Firefox automatically replaces the %s with “msft” after I hit enter.

This works well and is a nice feature of Firefox. However, sometimes I want to view the charts of several stocks at the same time. For example, there are stocks listed at three of my favorite stock related sites: Poormans Investments, Trader Mike, and Kirk Report. Ideally, I’d like to put the stocks listed there in their own tab so I can quickly compare. While it is possible to do this with my nifty keyword shortcut, it takes far too much clicking and typing.

A Better Way

I thought I would try my hand at creating a Firefox Extension for doing what I wanted. Enter the Stock Charts Firefox Extension.

I created an extension that lets you select muliple ticker symbols in a web page seperated by spaces, commas, newlines (or all of the above) and then open a tab with a stock chart for each one. By default, you can choose from,, or You can customize these or add your own.

Once the tabs get created, you can easily go to the next tab using the Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts, ctrl-TAB to go to the next tab and ctrl-shift-TAB to go to the previous tab. Use ctrl-W to close the current tab.

Also, of course, this extension isn’t limited to stock charts. You can add a custom item to the menu to take you to any web site you want – maybe to Yahoo!s message boards for each symbol you select or a Google search for each word in text you’ve selected.

Thanks to the Define Word extension which I borrowed from heavily to create this.

17 thoughts on “Stock Charts Firefox Extension

  1. jim

    Not knowing much about Firefox extensions, when I type c msft in my address bar, it goes to Yahoo! Finance, but I don’t think it’s because of the extension–I think it may be from Google, since I have Bigcharts set as the default in through the extension menu. Any suggestions for a guy like me, aka, still building my computer-saavy? Thanks a bunch.

  2. Dave Post author

    It probably takes you to this page, right? By default, when you type something that’s not a url in the address bar, Firefox automatically takes you to the first Google result for that search.

    What you are trying to do is use Firefox’s built-in keyword feature. You need to create a new bookmark with the url of the site you want to go to, replacing the ticker symbol with %s. For example, if I wanted to create a shortcut to Yahoo Finance ( for example) I would create a bookmark to (notice I changed msft to %s). Then assign a keyword (c for example) to that bookmark.

    You can then type “c msft” in the url field and automatically go to


  3. manny


    I get to the Yahoo page you noted above. Would you happen to know how to add the thumbnail intraday charts to a portfolio view in tabular format?

    Are there other sites that display thumbnail intraday charts in tabular format?

    Thanks a lot.


  4. Tony


    Nice extension. I think it will be useful for me. I visit Kirk Report and I tried it on one of his Stocks on My Trading Radar posts and it worked great.

    Some questions, comments, suggestions: Is there a limit to how many tabs FireFox can open? I tried it on a text file of the IBD 100 and after the tab bar filled up I wasn’t sure how to go further or if it opened all the tabs? I guess I can try that keyboard shortcut to tab through them and see how far it goes or just open fewer symbols at a time.

    Also, I see if there is other text in there it tries to open a tab for everything. Think there would be anyway to skip or close the tab for those that are invalid symbols? This way, if the symbols aren’t ordered nicely it can still work.

    Thanks for your effort on this. I appreciate it and if you plan on enhancing it further I will stay tuned to try it out. I also mentioned it on my Stock Talk blog –

  5. wenxiao

    Great extensions.

    Would love to see a “open all” selection option. For example, when a stock symbol is selected I can open all 3 websites for that symbol.

  6. Dave Post author

    wenxiao, I’d imagine you would be pretty lonely in your desire for this feature. Why would you want to do it? You’d be looking at 3 tabs with basically the same data.

  7. Peter

    Seems to have trouble with certain ticker symbols. For instance
    The first and last one loads in a new tab but
    POT.TO or any other 3 letter.TO symbol gets ignored. Maybe it’s because
    would be over 4 letters total?

  8. Josh

    This reads like it is a great tool, but I have not been able to get multiple tickers to populate across multiple tabs. Can someone please repond with a solution? I may be missing how you call the extension. Here’s what I’m doing:
    1) Navigate to the chart page for a ticker
    2) Swap out the ticker for ‘%s’
    3) Bookmark this URL and give it a keyword (‘e’) through Bookmark Management
    4) Open a URL and enter ‘e ford’
    RESULTS: success – the chart opens for the specific ticker
    5) Open a URL and enter multiple tickers ‘e ford aig’
    RESULTS: failure – the page just keeps on running

    I’ve tried this using the URLs defined in the extension and a new one I added. Thanks for any help.

  9. Dave Post author

    Tony, I do plan on updating the extension for FF 1.5. Thanks for letting me know you’re interested.

    If others comment that they’d like to see it updated, it’ll bump it up on my priority list.

  10. D

    I’d recently upgraded to FF1.5 and miss using this extension. Let us konw when you have time to update it. Thanks for your efforts.

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