Pumpkin Run Web Site Up

I finally got the Pumpkin Run web site up and going again. We registered our event with Sign Me Up Sports like we have every year so far. Our online registration continues to account for a larger percentage of our total registrants each year, in large part to our Google strategy, which I’ll explain in an upcoming post.

I’ve used the excellent Kwiki software running on Apache for the web site. It allows me to update the content of the page from any browser and gives a tremendous amount of flexibility. It is basically the same framework that Wikipedia uses for updating web content.

I created a new logo for this year’s race below. It took about 90 seconds of working in the GIMP to produce it. Don’t laugh. This is the logo that we’ll be putting on the socks this year.
Pumpkin Run Logo 2005

Here is the version we used last year:
Pumpkin Run Logo 2004