Hood to Coast

The Hood to Coast Relay Race is the biggest relay race in the world – 1000 teams of 12 runners each. It starts just above the treeline at Mount Hood in Oregon. The race stretches for 197 miles across the state ending up in Seaside, OR. Read on for more info and a Google Earth map of the race.

Hood To Coast Overhead View

(Click the image above to enlarge.)

For the second year in a row, I ran the race as part of the Roosters, a team consisting of mostly UNC grads. After losing quite a bit of ground right off the bat, we battled back into contention vying for fourth place with “Rabid Dog”, a team made up of mostly former Wake Forest and N.C. State runners. We came up just short again (by roughly the same amount as last year: 3 minutes). It was a blast and I would highly recommend it to anyone up for a challenge.

I brought my GPS and kept it fed with batteries for the entire race. You can download the KML file to view the course in Google Earth. I was in van 1, so the track won’t follow the course entirely. This is especially true at the end when the first van takes a route to the beach that is quite different than the actual course.

On my online running log, I’ve posted the Google Maps for all my 3 legs: Leg 3 (my GPS running watch lost reception for half of this leg), Leg 15, and Leg 27.

Also, Joan has a recap of the race on her blog.