Greasemonkey User Script for Lets Run Message Boards

I can’t be the only person that thinks the Message Boards are in serious need of an update. I realize they work just fine and they are quite popular, but the usability of the page is stuck in the late 1990s. In fact, it could almost be nominated for Web Pages that Suck, which is actually a great site for web developers to discover what NOT to do. The site’s content is great – don’t get me wrong – but the design and usability could use a little work (and that’s what I’ve done).

Every time I visit those message forums, I just cringe. I had had enough the other day, so I created a Greasemonkey user script to greatly improve my experience on the boards. If you haven’t discovered Greasemonkey yet, it’s time. (Probably the most famous user script you can use with Greasemonkey is Book Burro, a script that displays prices of books at competitor’s sites as you browse Amazon.)

Here is the user script. You’ll need to be using Firefox, have Greasemonkey installed, and have some familiarity with installing a user script (it’s very easy).

The script does a few things:

  • Increases the font size
  • Removes the ads at the top of the page and the “rules”
  • Hides the “sticky” posts at the top of the page
  • Bolds the posts with more than 10 replies
  • Provides links to all post pages from the forum index (normally you have to click on the post first)

Here’s an image of what the site looks like in my browser. Click on it for a fuller view.

Lets Run GMed Full

Again, here is the user script.

If you have any suggestions for additional features, you can contact me and I’ll consider them. I’ll be much more inclined to modify this if you send code for your suggestions as well.