Pumpkin Run Full!

Eeek! The Pumpkin Run 4K is already full. I have the feeling that there are going to be a lot of disappointed people who didn’t get their entry in on time. While we have filled up every year, this is by far the quickest ever. Is it because of our Google page rank strategy that I blogged about a while back? That probably played a small part, I think. Once things calm down a little, I’ll analyze the data and see how much our Google rank helped out.

If you really wanted to get in the race and didn’t register in time, I’m truly sorry. I just received an email yesterday from someone who has run the race every year and tried to register just hours after we had to close it.

We are brainstorming trying to think of creative ways to allow more runners next year – or perhaps not. The Pumpkin Run has always been a small, intimate, and cozy event and we like it that way – that’s what Joan has tried to create. That said, we feel bad that there will be far more people that want to run the race than we’ll be able to handle. This is something that we’ll be wrestling with for a while.

For those that did get your registration in on time, we’ll see you in about 3 weeks! If you didn’t, I have created a form on the Pumpkin Run site where you can add your email to our announcement list for next year. That way you’ll be among the first notified when online registration opens up next year.

Sincerely, Dave

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