The Razor Wars – Completely Ridiculous

I’m apparently on a mailing list at Gillette.  I guess I filled out some form in college and now I’m on their marketing list forever.  At any rate, this past week I received a sample of the new Gillette Fusion Shaving System (shaving system?  What’s a shaving system?)  These gadgets used to be referred to as “razors.”  This razor arms race between Gillette and Schick is becoming quite entertaining.  This razor will debut during “the big game.”  (I assume that Gillette didn’t secure a Super Bowl sponsorship.)

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Remember when the Mach3 came out?  Three blades on a razor – who would ever need that?  Aren’t 2 blades good enough?  Well, the new Fusion has 6 blades.  That’s right, 6 blades.  There are 5 on the face of the blade and an extra “precision blade” on the top for those “difficult to reach areas”.

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Would there even be a need for this extra precision blade if there weren’t 5 blades on the face?  Those 5 blades require scaffolding to support it – no wonder you can reach every place on your face.

Do we really need 5 blades on a razor to get a close shave?  Instead of trying to get more and more blades on the face of a razor and spending millions to market the “more blades is better” concept, why doesn’t the industry invest in creating a blade that doesn’t go dull?  I think we all know the answer.

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Not only are they investing big bucks in figuring out ways to get more blades on a razor, but they’re trying to put a computer in it.

There’s another version of the Gillette Fusion called the Gillette Fusion Power that not only has 6 blades, but contains a microchip and requires batteries.  A microchip?  Why on earth would I need a computer to shave my face?  How does a vibrating straight razor give me a better shave?

Maybe I’m just ignorant since I’ve never tried one.  I’m certainly not going to spend money buying a computer to shave with.  Maybe they’ll send me another sample in the mail.