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My New Book: BlackBerry Hacks

BlackBerry Hacks Cover

I’ve been busy for the last several months working on a book for O’Reilly Media called BlackBerry Hacks. It will be published in O’Reilly’s excellent Hacks Series.

I am quite happy with the way the book turned out. It certainly exceeded my expectations going into it. The book has a nice blend of “hacks” for a whole range of BlackBerry aficionados from the newest of users to the seasoned veteran. Here is a chapter list:

BlackBerry Hacks Chapters

  1. Using your BlackBerry
  2. Email
  3. Games
  4. The Internet and Other Networks
  5. Free Programs
  6. Shareware Apps
  7. BES Administration
  8. The Web and MDS
  9. Application Development

O’Reilly should have the complete hack list on the book’s web site pretty soon. They’ll also include some free sample hacks from the book.

This book would certainly not have turned out nearly as good without some excellent contributors. Their work was critical to the success of this project. Thanks!


Also a special thanks to Loren Beckerman from Cingular who went out of her way to provide best-in-class wireless service for me while I wrote the book. Thanks, Loren!!

You can order the book from Amazon here. I’m told it will be shipping in mid to late October.

A special thanks to the folks at O’Reilly for giving me this opportunity!